Why Would You Use Photography Captions For Your Photographs?

Why Would You Use Photography Captions For Your Photographs?

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If you are creating your own website for selling your photography, one of the most important ways to draw visitors is to include photography captions. This can build awareness about your work and put your personality into your photos. Captions also give readers a taste of what is to come in the book. Some sites use photography captions to add a personal touch to their pages, which is especially useful if you will be including pictures in your blog posts or emails.


There are different places to find photography captions. One way is to add them to your website, whether you are building it or purchasing one. Another is to purchase printable photo captions from an online service. Online sites are generally easier to use and have more variety of themes and pictures than printing services.


There are also websites that can provide you with a variety of photos, including captions, to use for your blog posts or in emails. MySpace and Facebook both offer a number of photo captions on their pages. Other sites include Pondress, iLovewhatismachannel and Storyboard. Using an image hosting site like Flickr makes it easy for people to share your photos with others through comments. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer a wide variety of photo captions, some of which are quite humorous.


The power of photography captions is not only to build awareness about your work but also to create a conversation about your work. For example, one of my friends who is a landscape photographer likes to tell his customers that he takes photos of “everything wrong”. I’ve learned that this is true, as his photos include mountains that are completely flattened, trees that are dying from lack of water, or large rocks that are wedged into the ground. His clients have probably never taken a look at all the images that he has taken and likely won’t have even heard of him before. But when he has a conversation with them about his work using captions, they often mention these images and ask what was going wrong.


Another time that I saw how well captions could be used was during a discussion about photography on the Oprah Winfrey show. While discussing a photograph that she had clicked of a lion lunging across a field, she mentioned how she had never seen the animal up close before. The woman who was photographing it then mentioned that she had seen the animal up close earlier in the day. Immediately following this, other people who were commenting on the photo on Facebook began to use photography captions to describe the photo. It became clear that not only was the lion recognizable from the photo, but more importantly, everyone was able to make some connection between the photo and the real world around them.


When I was planning a holiday this year, I was thrilled to find several websites that offered me the chance to post captions for each of my photographs. I was especially thrilled to find that the photographs I chose to add captions to would have appeared in my holiday post. In this way, instead of just posting the photos of my family, I was also able to include captions that defined each moment. I’m looking forward to being able to use photography captions not only for my holiday photos but for all my pictures, because the joy they bring to a picture makes them worth much more than any words ever could.

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