Digital Camera Accessories – 3 Must Have Photography Accessories

Digital Camera Accessories – 3 Must-Have Photography Accessories

There are so many different photography accessories available today. Choosing the best photography accessories for you can be a little overwhelming, but with a little effort, it is not impossible to find the perfect accessories for your photography needs. Your camera is one of the most important accessories you will ever buy for your photography. Therefore, if you choose the wrong camera or lens, then your photography experience will be less than satisfying.

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One of the most common photography accessories that new photographers tend to ignore is their camera bags. There are so many great bags on the market that it can be hard to choose which ones to buy. In this article, I’m going to give you two simple pieces of advice that will help you when buying a camera bag. I’m also going to give you some helpful information on choosing filters and gray card. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this, you’ll know much more about photography accessories.


The first piece of advice that I have for you when buying a camera bag is to focus on quality over style. This may sound a bit basic, but the reality is that many camera bags are designed with the best possible name brand on the front, but they often have a shoddy build quality and horrible construction. When I say ‘quality I mean the build itself. A good quality camera bag should have a sturdy build that will hold your camera in place without flapping around. If the bag you are looking at has flaps, then you’re probably going to have a few problems.


Another good piece of advice is to stick with the basic medium gray card and lens clips. You won’t find a lot of other photography accessories on the market that have these two essential parts. You also won’t need to use a large assortment of filters with these two basic pieces. You probably only need a filter for the lenses you’re using, so that’s about it.


One more thing that you should look for in a camera bag is one that has an external flash. You’ll never want to take a picture without an external flash. These flashes tend to be much brighter than the internal flash of your camera, so they open up all kinds of possibilities when it comes to lighting.


And finally, don’t neglect your remote shutter release. Your photography session will never be the same if you can’t keep track of time and when you have a reliable backup for your camera. If you take pictures on location, that means that you’ll have to set up a time to get your shots and then you’ll have to wait until that time is available before you can click on a photo. A remote shutter release will eliminate that problem altogether.

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